Member Management

You value your time and so do your members who would rather spend it training than dealing with administrative processes. Gymnage’s member management system will save you and your members time and hassle.

Gymnage’s seamlessly efficient online information management system will help you transition away from maintaining manual records. Gymnage organizes and saves members’ data in a central repository that is readily available with just a few clicks on our intuitively designed and powerful dashboard. You get a full overview of your members and can hence better manage them in all respects such as: memberships, payments, schedules, facility access control, and more.

Facility Management

Gym member are without doubt your core focus. But the fact remains that members patronize your gym for a reason the quality of your staff and how the gym is run. So, it is imperative to have a system that will effectively handle all details pertaining to the gym’s management.

Gymnage is a robust solution for managing gym staff and staff-member relations. You can custom manage each branch by creating schedules, classes/sessions, check-in processes, limited-time offers separately for each location. The software can be customized to your gym specific needs by allowing you to create different membership plans, integrate payments and more. You can also track the number of sessions a trainer has taken so you can work on improving numbers and revenue.


Invoice Management

The invoicing process, especially manual ones, can be a real pain point for any business if not done efficiently. Not only do invoices have to be generated and tracked but also valuable analytical information can be gathered from the process.

Gymnage’s invoicing system is specifically designed for gyms. Whether it’s managing new memberships, renewals, upgrades, or classes/sessions, Gymnage automates the process while also giving you more control and flexibility. With just a few clicks you can automatically generate/track invoices, issue reminders, access invoice history, and more. This reduces administrative costs while improving collections.

Cloud-based, Anytime, Anywhere Access

Managing a gym brand with multiple locations brings about a host of administrative challenges that take up a lot of management’s time which can be better spent elsewhere.

As an online gym management solution, Gymnage ensures that no matter how geographically dispersed your branches are the online software enables you to conveniently manage all branches from a centralized location through our mobile and web applications.


Insightful Reports

Information is power. And, with the the right tools to analyse it, gym owners can obtain unique insights to better inform their decisions which can have a beneficial impact on the gym’s operational and financial performance. Gymnage takes the data that has been systematically collected and displays it in easy to grasp visual formats (graphs, pie, and bar charts). Data visualizations provide a quick yet insightful overview of the business's performance. Such valuable information helps reveal new growth opportunities, identify underperforming /popular classes, the busiest times of day, and more.